Flesh eating parasite his face, hands and feet, leaving him paralized

A young father, Alex Lewis from Hants’s Stockbridge, understood that the flue he thought he had was actually a fleash eating insect that ate a piece of the face and all its ends. Although he eventually saved his life, the battle to come close to his son is something he never thought he would come.

He has undergone several surgeries on the face. After surviving the coma, Mr. Lewis has undergone several surgeries to correct his face. The bottom of his face had been eaten and deformed and it was very scary. There were not many chances to recover it.

Initially, Alex had only 3% chance of succeeding, but managed to be a winner. Unfortunately, survival was only one part of the battle since he had to make his appearance so as not to scare the members of his family. His real problem is not his face.

Although difficult to adapt to new conditions, he says the worst is something most can not see when they look at him. “They see that I’ve lost a lot of my body, but they can not see how my family’s life has been affected.” He can not forget the reaction of his son when he saw him for the first time!

While he almost lost his life, he says it was harder when he saw the horror in his son’s eyes when he saw him. His life as a quadriplegic has many difficulties and has often wished to have his old life. But you do not have to go through it all by yourself.

His wife, Lucy Townsend, helps him as much as possible despite the difficulties. She said: “I love him more than anything in the world.” While it would be very easy to lose his courage, he says he is grateful to have a second chance in life.