Five things that kill sperm!

Male infertility is rising, according to several surveys. Unhealthy lifestyles, anxiety and poor nutrition are some of the main causes of sperm problems.

A couple may enjoy sex but conception is difficult if the number of male sperms is low. Besides, when it comes to pregnancy, many factors such as low sperm count, sperm allergy, erectile dysfunction, etc. may affect the couple. Lack of sex and stress also play an important role in reducing sperm count. So here are some common things that reduce the number of men’s sperm.

The hot bath

A hot shower may relax the body, but it reduces the number of sperm, as the temperature of the testicles rises. This damages the quality of the sperm and reduces the sperm.

Mobile phone

Radiation from mobile phones has a huge impact on sperm count. Indeed, scientists from a university in Hungary tested the viability and mobility of their sperm in 200 men. Analysis of their results showed that men who had their mobile phones while walking daily had a 33% lower sperm count compared to men who did not have a phone with them!


Stress and anxiety are one of the main causes of many health problems. It does not seem to affect your emotional health only, but it also leads to infertility problems for men.

Lack of sex

Sex seems to be one of the best solutions to many sexual problems. On the contrary, abstinence from sex reduces the number of sperm. The semen changes shape and becomes stale!


Drinking alcohol reduces testosterone levels which reduces sperm count. It is also one of the common causes of male infertility.