Study Finds that Fish Supplements are Potentially Powerful for Psychiatric Therapy

Fish oil supplements have been proven to have lasting and far ranging effects in the prevention of severe psychiatric diseases like schizophrenia, a lifelong condition marked by debilitating disturbances of thought and perception. Other mental disorders the substance may prevent include depression, bipolar, disorder, and substance dependency; even psychosis in young adults who had their symptoms manifest at an early age show some respite.

A new research has lent credence to the belief that fish oil is a potentially powerful psychiatric therapy.  Omega 3 fatty acids, found plentiful in salmon and mackerel, which has been found to prevent various heart and cardiovascular diseases, is also available in fish oil capsules.  Omega 3 has been shown to boost the effectiveness of anti-depressants and improve attention for people with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  It is also a good memory booster for those who are cognitively healthy.

The study was focused on young subjects between the ages of 13 and 25 who were reporting low-level or transient hallucinations or delusional thinking, or had a family history of severe mental illness, whose habits at home, at work  or in school have begun to deteriorate and have shown signs of developing to  more severe psychiatric disorders.

The study found that those who were given fish oil supplements were less likely to develop schizophrenia as against those who did not get the supplements.  The subjects who did not get the supplements manifested a wider range of psychiatric disorders more common with young adults with mental illnesses which could develop into full blown psychosis if unattended.