The first airbag for mobile phones

Philip Frenzel, a university student at Aalen University in Germany, saw his mobile phone literally shake when he fell out of his hands and decided to find a way to keep it from happening again.

So he created the first … airbag for mobile phones. It is a case that has sensors which, when the device is in a free fall, immediately activate a protection mechanism.

Originally, Frenzel experimented with sparkling materials but could not develop a protection mechanism with them. This resulted in a mechanism with collapsible metal plates extending in such a way as to protect the device from impact on the ground.

The invention has won the top prize from the German Mechatronics Society, the organization dealing with Mechatronics, a combination of sciences of Engineering, Electronics – Electronics and Informatics.

Note that Apple also filed a patent application for relevant iPhone protection technology with which, when the appliance is in a free fall, there are some bumps coming out of its interior to reduce the impact of the collision on the ground.