Who fear death less?

Who fears death less? Usually those located at both ends of the religious spectrum, ie atheists and the most ardent believers, according to a new international scientific study. Those who fall somewhere in the middle – and probably most-they tremble death, whether they admit it or not.

According to researchers and other British universities (Oxford, Coventry, Royal Holloway, London, Melbourne, Australia, New Zealand Otago), led by Dr. Jonathan Jong, who made a notice published in the journal «Religion, Brain and Behavior »(Religion, Brain and Behavior) analyzed 100 studies between 1961-2015 on the anxiety of death compared and religious beliefs, which involved a total of approximately 26,000 people worldwide.

The meta-analysis showed that high levels of religiosity (participation in the life of the Church, faith in God and life after death, etc.) are connected, reduced anxiety about death. It seems however rather confused, as this relationship decreased Death-religiousness anxious to have clearly found only 30% of the studies to date. 18% of studies show the opposite (that the more religious people fear death) and 52% concluded that there is no special relationship between the two. Researchers estimate that the cultural differences between countries affect different people.

Of the 100 studies, ten have clearly come to the conclusion that unbelievers and believers much less afraid of death, compared to intermediate.