FDA Approves New Heart Disease Drug

The Food and Drug Administration announced the approval of a new dose of AstraZeneca’s Brilinta. According to the p************l company, the new dosage will then be used for patients who had previously suffered from heart attacks or acute coronary syndrome. Ticagrelor comes in a 60mg dose and will then be available for patients with doctor’s prescription.

Before the approval of the new medication, it was first used together with low-dose aspirin tablets in patients who had heart attacks a year before the initial dose. AstraZeneca said that many physicians have been urging them to come up with this test because they believe that creating a new dosage will help optimize the effect of the drug. Furthermore, according to AstraZeneca, Ticagrelor can be given to post heart attack patients even within 12 months duration. The main action of the medication is it prevents the formation of blood clots in the body. These blood clots in the arteries are the main reason for heart attacks according to many researches beforehand. Thus, controlling this factor will be of great help for the patients.

The therapeutic effects of the drug are said to be very similar to those that are previously sold in the pharmacies, but the difference in the dosage can affect the intensity and efficacy of the effects. For the meantime, the p************l company is still very enthusiastic in selling their previously advertised Brilinta because this is one of their stand-out drugs through the years. However, when the new dosage will be released, AstraZeneca said that they will surely be more than exuberant in their sales and marketing strategies for this new medication.

For physicians, this approval will pave the way towards having more options in their prescriptions. The doctors think that having a wide variety of dosages available in the pharmacies will allow them to better their health care treatments and prevention in their patients.

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