Father fell asleep drunk and his dog killed his child

A man in Newcastle, was sentenced 21 months in jail, as he fell asleep, being drunk and the family dog ​​ravaged his only three-week-old child.
The infant was found by his mother almost dead when he returned home, with her companion and dog,

The court said that the attack could easily have not happened or had stopped, but the father did not wake up. The attack is estimated to last approximately 20 minutes.

The father told the police that he had drunk eight cans of beer and a taxi driver testified that he delivered to his house, eight more. His partner’s grandmother had died that day, and the child’s mother had gone to her father’s house, leaving her baby.

During the trial it became known that the approximately two-year-old dog lived in the garden and was allowed to enter only in the kitchen while not displaying aggressive behavior.

The mother returned home in the afternoon and saw a scene of “Gothic horror”, according to the judge, with the baby lying on the floo full of blood. It was purple but it was steal breathing, but the ambulance crew who was in a hurry, could not keep it alive.

Based on the investigations, the baby was pulled or dropped from the stream that was found and was thrown off by the terrier, which until then had no contact with the infant. It is estimated that it was led to the attack by the “uncoordinated” movements of the child.

To the father, besides imprisonment, he was forbidden to have a dog for seven years.