Father built a $ 34 million park for his disabled daughter to play

Gordon Hartman from Texas proved to be a great father. When he realized that there are no thematic parks for children with special needs in his city, one of which is his daughter, Morgan, he decided to make himself, giving  giving children with specialties the opportunity to entertain and spend their time beautiful.

Hartman had often took his daughter in several swimming pools to play with water, but the unpleasant reactions of the children there were prevented him from doing the same again. “I understand and justify the spontaneity of children when they come in contact with people who are” special “and I can not blame them. Morgan is a beautiful little lady. When someone understands that, she gets a smile.

Hartman decided to create a theme park on his own, after a survey he and his wife had done, Maggie found that there was no equivalent. Former real estate maker, he sold businesses to set up the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization to help people with disabilities. The ideal site was found in an abandoned quarry in San Antonio, Texas. The man advised doctors, psychotherapists and parents of people with disabilities.

The park was named “Morgan’s Wonderland,” and cost $ 34 million. It opened its doors to the public in 2010. Among the sights of the area is a children’s joy and a miniature train. Visitors often tell Hartman that they have not seen anything like that again and congratulate him.

The park also includes a carousel specially designed for wheelchairs. Hartman reveals that at first Morgan was afraid to go up there but then managed to overcome her phobia. Since opening Morgan’s Wonderland, more than one million visitors have been welcomed from 67 countries and 50 US states. 1/3 of the staff are disabled, while entry is free for people with similar peculiarities.

This year, the theme park was expanded with the creation of Morph’s Inspiration Island, a fully accessible water park. “In July fewer people came here because of the heat, so we decided to create a water park for a fresh breath,” Hartman said.

Overall, the construction of this site cost $ 17 million, while hot water, which is provided, helps visitors with musculoskeletal problems. Note that there are all water-repellent wheelchairs that are operated by air and not by batteries. In spite of the many emails he receives to build similar parks in other states, Hartman has been concentrating on enhancing even more existing properties in San Antonio.