Father announces at the same time the birth of his son and the death of his fiance

It could have been the happiest moment of Jean Luc Montou’s life, but it turned out to be one of his most dramatic moments when his wife Sarah Bertrand died 24 hours after  giving birth to their boy, Julian Charles.A few hours later, the woman began to complain about a terrible headache and began to have crises.

The hospital still investigates the causes of her death but it is believed that the young woman suffered pulmonary embolism, an extremely rare complication that results in rupturing of the lungs and the heart due to internal bleeding.

“As soon as the symptoms appear, unfortunately this condition has already offended the patient and it is too late,” explains Jean Luc. “I thought it would be safe because we were in a hospital. The hospital staff did try hard. But I realized whatever they did she was getting worse as time was passing. ” The couple expected to announce the birth of their son in social media, and suddenly the young husband was in the unpleasant position to announce the death of his wife.

“Sarah did not made it. The last 24 hours with her were my happiest days. I loved this woman like no one and died in front of me while I had my son in my arms. Take a few minutes with her memory because it was the best I’ve ever done to myself and to my daughter Jane (Jean Luc’s three-year-old daughter from his previous relationship). ”

Sarah loved her husband and daughter to such an extent that she abandoned her job as a veterinary technician so she could stay home with the girl while her husband was working. Sarah was always there for me. She was there for Jane when she needed a mother. She did not miss a chance and did not hesitate to be there for us and love us from the first moment we met her. ”

The couple planned to get married when Sarah recovered from childbirth. Now the unfortunate man wonders how their life will continue as his partner was his huge reference point. Whatever happens, however, Jean Luc says he will make sure his son grows up by learning how much his mom loved him and how much he would like to be present in his life.

“Julian was her target. I will tell him once that he was not just her son but her stockholding. I will tell him that his mom loved him very much, but she had to rest from this life. That she had given so much of herself to others and it was  time to rest herself. ”

The young man initially intended to share the news of his wife’s death only with friends and relatives, but when he saw how many people were touched from his story, he decided to keep his memory alive by allowing the world to learn about it.