The fastest camera in the world

Researchers in Sweden announced that they were building the fastest camera in the world, which can shoot five trillion images per second or one image per 0.2 trillionths of a second.

The fastest cameras today draw up to 100,000 images per second, one after the other. Instead of one image at a time, the new camera shoots multiple images at once and uses a special algorithm to put them in the video format.

The new camera, is intended primarily for scientific purposes, in order to observe terribly fast natural, chemical, biological procedures, etc.  In the future, it could also have industrial and other applications. Scientists have already used the camera to watch photons traveling as long as the width of a sheet of paper, a process that lasts about one trillion per second (picosecond).

Researchers at Lund University, headed by Eliza Kristensson, who published the publication in Light: Science & Applications, called the new technology FRAME (Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures). Already a German company is developing the new technology and it is expected in about two years it can be used more widely.