Famous director Bryan Singer is accused of rape

An 17-year-old man blames against US filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and actor Bryan Singer for sexual abuse.

The director of the X-Men films, who was fired this week from the biography for the legendary rock band “Queen”, is accused by Sezar Sanchez Gazman that in 2003 he proposed to go yachts and forced him into sexual acts in 2003.

Later, according to the complaints, Bryan Singer approached him and told him he was a producer and that he could help him become an actor if he did not say anything about the incident. Then, according to the petition, he told Sezar Sanchez Gazman that “no one would believe him if he complained and could hire people who are capable of destroying one’s reputation.”

The yacht was owned by Leicester Waters, a wealthy investor in the technology industry, “who often staged a gay party in the Seattle area,” said in the lawsuit.