Famed Dog Uggie from the Artists Dies of Prostate Cancer


Most animals humans have domesticated live much shorter lives than us, and that becomes much more apparent when the one who dies won the hearts of many. Uggie, who stole hearts in the 2011 film “The Artist,” has left us.

This sad news was brought to us by the dog’s personal trainer, Omar Von Mueller, last Wednesday as he announced that Uggie had been claimed by prostate cancer after living for 13 years. The official announcement can be found on his Facebook page.

“We regret to inform to all our friends, family and Uggie’s fans that our beloved boy has passed away,” Von Mueller wrote. “In short, Uggie … is now in a better place not feeling pain. Thank you for your support, I will not be reading any comments for a while as it is too painful at the moment.”

How did Uggie reach into the hearts of so many? It all started in the film “The Artists,” a story about the journey of two Hollywood actors, their rise to fame, and their eventual downfall in the 1920s. Uggie played the role of “Jack,” who, in one of the film’s more thrilling scenes, saved George Valentin, the main character, from dying in a fire.

Image: http://assets.nydailynews.com/