The fake shot with Photoshop on Merkel’s hair in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia visited last week Angela Merkel. The German Chancellor had not worn a hijab and had become the world’s first subject. On the Internet, in the next few days, a photo was released, which was supposed to be from Saudi Arabian state television and showed Angella Merkel (next to King Kim Shalman) but with her hair shaded!

Of course, this photo made the round of the Internet, became retweeted over 20,000 times and caused the anger of the users. However, as the photo is revealed, it is a Photoshop product and does not even come from state-owned Saudi TV.

“It is fake, in the Arabic caption it writes sarcastic news,” clarified a user and the mystery was solved. This photo was originally posted on the Facebook page of Khase News, where it was written in the caption “just for fun”.

According to a spokesman for Khase News, “Saudi Arabia is one of the most oppressive regimes in the world and the Middle East. The picture criticizes the fact that in Saudi Arabia it is forbidden for women to show their hair. So when a strong woman like Merkel comes, the laws do not apply. Our motto is “sarcastic news”, it is written under our brand name “.