Fake homeless woman was arrested

The incident took place in Virginia, where two men were not convinced by the woman who was on the road and was asking for alms. So one day they watched her and saw her leave the point where she was sitting, she went to her car, a model of 2014 and headed to the closest Mc Donalds.

There, the two men approached her and revealed to her viewers her financial situation and her “trick” in order to distribute money by implying that she was economically weak. She refused everything and asked for help from the store’s employees to get the answer that they could not do anything.

She then admitted that she was not asking for alms because she was homeless but because he had a form of disability. When asked what kind of disability she had, she refused to answer.

The video with the incident was posted on Youtube and two days later it had reached 2 million views! Later it came down from the site as it violated rules of harassment and bullying. However, she had already caused a stir, with the police intervening and arresting the woman.