Facebook’s new cryptocurrency

As CNBC transmits, it’s not the first time a script for a popular social networking currency is released, but now seems to be more important in light of changes in Facebook’s governance structure and the creation of a team that focuses exclusively on blockchain technology, which is hidden behind Bitcoin and the rest of the cryprobes.

Based on Cheddar’s report, the company focuses exclusively on the use of cryptography to facilitate payouts on the Facebook platform. The company is also looking at other ways for the cryptanizer user and blockchain technology on the social networking platform.

In any case it will take years before Facebook presents something tangible, reported anonymous sources at Cheddar.

Facebook refused to comment on CNBC for the publication.

However, the scenarios that want Zuckerberg to “bang” on this market are growing, as Facebook’s billionaire founder tends to “expand” its platform’s activities and operations (recently bought Instagram while launching and Tinder dating service), to the extent that it is completely “autonomous”, even in the case of