Eyes can predict of a heart attack

The diagnosis of a future heart attack and other possible heart problems,  Google Artificial Intelligence program could predict through the human eye.

Researchers of the technological gian, headed by Dr. Lily Peng, who made the relevant publication in the Biomedical Engineering Magazine “Nature Biomedical Engineering”, developed the first artificial intelligence system, which analyzes images of the retina lens of the patient’s eye and predicts the possibility of stroke, stroke or other cardiovascular problem.

Google scientists have reported that their method is even less accurate than other more traditional and more invasive techniques, so it needs more improvement before it is clinically exploited, which will take a few years.

The “smart” system already has a precision of about 70% predicting who will suffer a heart attack or other serious cardiovascular event within the next five years. The system was “trained” by analyzing data for over 284,000 patients and then tested in nearly 13,000 patients, of whom 100 had infarction over five years.

It is noteworthy that initially the “deep learning” algorithm of the system was developed to study the small blood vessels of the eye and to speculate whether a person is a smoker or has hypertension. However, it was then realized that it is also possible to predict the risk of a stroke or a stroke.