The most extreme Honda Civic Type R

The Japanese Mugen unveiled in its original form a super-improved version of the top Honda Civic Type R, giving it a really aggressive character in body and interior. Outside, the bodywork gets a racing look with a new body kit with a redesigned front (new bumper, mask, bonnet), customized perimeter spoiler, a huge rear spoiler, and new forged 20-inch wheels.

In addition to those on the rear of the bumper, Mugen has replaced the triple exhausts of the Honda Civic Type R with a larger diameter. At the same time there are new, bigger “calipers” for the brakes.

Inside, Mugen gives the Civic Type R a completely different picture than our well-known car, after changing the dashboard in front of the driver by adding carbon fiber liners, while we also come across a fully digital instrument cluster as well as a steering wheel “Cut” crown.

The new Racquet seats also contribute to the racing look of the interior, not only for the front but also for the rear passengers, and a racing roll cage.

With regard to the Honda Civic Type R engine, Mugen emphasizes that it has made improvements to the introduction and cooling system of the 2-liter turbo VTEC engine, yet without announcing profits in terms of power, torque or performance.