Experiments on flies for the purpose of anti-aging in humans

It is common for large and strong financial universities to set up or participate in various ways in start-up companies that either use technologies developed in their workshops, or the key executives of these companies will be their professors or students.

One such case is Rejuvenate Bio, which, as its name implies, deals with bio-regeneration. Co-founder of the company is the famed synthetic biologist George Cherts, and both her existence and her activity had stayed away from publicity.

But recently, Crk decided to talk about what he is doing with his colleagues. Experiments made in worms and flies a few years ago showed that some gene modifications can even double their lifetime. Rejuvenate Bio was founded to explore not only whether it can increase a remarkable lifespan in more complex forms of life than worms and flies, but also if this increase can be of qualitative.

The goal of the researchers is not only to increase life in an organization but to do so by renewing the organization for many years and at the same time staying new organ and brain.

George Cherts, when he revealed the existence of the company, reported that mating reversal experiments have been successfully carried out and that experiments on dogs will be launched. A few days ago, Cherts reported that dog experiments are progressing well, and now in the Technology Review of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the known MIT) it is revealed that the experiments are done in Beagle dogs.

According to Cherts, if the gene method developed by the company proves to be absolutely safe, they will also experiment with humans. The vision of George Cherts and his associates is to allow people to reach the age of 130 with a body and brain function of a 22 year old!

Researchers experiment with about 60 different gene therapies for finding the one or the combination of those who will be able to beat aging. According to Crk, even if it is ultimately proven that the anti-aging method they develop does not work in humans, it seems to work in dogs and can therefore be exploited commercially and not only in this area.

It was also known that the US Special Forces had contacted Rejuvenate Bio to develop dogs that would have special abilities to assist in military operations.