She was expelled from school due to her clothes. When you see what she was wearing you’ll be shocked

They sent her back to the home because she was wearing inappropriate clothes in school. Once you see the whole photo you will be amazed! School is a great challenge for many. Apart from lessons, for many teenagers, it is a time of emotional turmoil. Not only do they have to deal with their hormonal changes, but they also have to learn how the adult world works.

For many, this is a time of experimentation with various friends, hobbies and stylistic choices. Some teenagers wake up too early to choose what clothes to wear. Others just get up and wear the first thing they see in front of them.

Unfortunately, many schools are getting a bit too extreme when it comes to what looks “appropriate.” Many teenagers, such as Bailee Freeman, are often forced to go home because what they wear is “inappropriate” for school.

Macy Edgerly was in her last year at Orangefield High School in Texas. She went to school for a day, wearing something comfortable but she was shocked when her teachers said she was dressed inappropriate and sent her home.

Macy’s older sister, Erica, wrote about what happened in Macy on Facebook in and her post was immediately gone viral. They shared it over 95,000 times. Erica uploaded a picture of her sister’s “offensive” outfit.

She wrote:

“Today, they expelled my sister out of school because she was wearing the clothes you see. I feel bad that I have to defend my family and women who are judged by their body and appearance every day. ” “Many wonder why women feel insecure about their body and their appearance. That’s because they tell us that some clothes are inappropriate even when they are not at all provocative.”

“How would it seem to you instead that the school system taught boys to stop degrading women with their eyes. And in the end, how unfair is the girls not to wear what they want because the school is afraid the boys will not be able to control their hormones? ”

“This is a much bigger problem than clothes. And no, I do not think all boys are degrading women. “But I think this outfit is not inappropriate … However, many believe it is and they send girls home to change in order not to create problems. So it is more important that boys do not have things to distract them than educate a woman. When will the world realize how important this is in reality? ”