Exercise the best “medicine” for the fatigue of cancer patients

Physical activity, possibly but not in need  – in conjunction with psychotherapy, is the best antidote for those suffering from general fatigue and exhaustion of cancer. Exercise gives better results than the extra cups of coffee, nap or drugs, and therefore should be the first thing recommended by doctors, according to a new US scientific research.  Researchers, led by Associate Professor Karen Moustian Medical Center of the University of Rochester in New York, made a publication in the American Journal oncology “JAMA Oncology”, about 113 randomized clinical trials involving a total of over 11,500 patients, of which almost half were women with breast cancer.

Physical exhaustion is the most common side effect during cancer treatment and beyond. It can reduce a patient’s ability to do comprehensive treatment, thereby reducing the chances of survival while undermining the quality of life, as the patient finds it difficult to take part in various activities.It differs from the usual chronic fatigue not relieved by rest or sleep and can last for months or even years. Scientists thought likely to be caused by chronic inflammation in the body due to the disease and treatment.

The new study found that both aerobic as anaerobic exercise with or without concomitant physiotherapy- is more effective to reduce fatigue, compared to pharmacological interventions with drugs like Modafinil or Ritalin. “These drugs do not” work “very well, although constantly prescribed. Cancer patients already taking many medications and all have risks and side effects, so if you can reduce the drugs, it is to the benefit of patients, “the Moustian said.