Everything is huge in NASA’s super rocket

NASA’s new mega-rocket, the beastly Space Launch System (SLS), will be delaying the plowing of Space, as an internal memo of the service reveals that it is expected to cost a few billion more than they had estimated. The report considers it unlikely to be completed on the scheduled date (December 2019 – June 2020), as its cost will at least double to $ 8.9 billion by 2021.

SLS is NASA’s ambitious effort to build the manned rocket that will take it to Moon, Mars and even farther, even on Saturn’s satellite, Europe. Its construction, however, resembles the bridge of Arta. Imagine that it should normally have been ready since December 2017!

A large part of it is manufactured by Boeing and that’s where the most arrows of the show are being directed, accusing the company of “poor performance” in administrative and technical matters.

And all this while the spaceX and cheaper rocket are operationally ready. NASA responded here saying that hers is “the most complex system ever developed by the service,” but she admits the bad climate and promises to take note of the internal memo. Now he says the launcher will not be ready until … 2024, as the 1,100 manufacturers in 43 US states have to harmoniously combine to complete …