Everyone was telling her not to leave her baby with the dog. But they did not expect such a reaction

Like babies, a puppy requires a lot of attention, education, space to move and above all, time from the beginning of his life. So, once a woman gives birth, she probably has to think well about whether she can take care of a dog and a child at the same time.

This is what the Imgur user has just said, when she advised her sister, a new mother, not to get a puppy when she brought her baby to the world. But 10 years later she regretted her words as soon as she saw the close bond developed between her niece and the black Retriever Labrador. The following pictures show how this deep friendship was created:

“2007: The puppy and the baby meet for the first time.”

“2008: Friendship is growing.”

«2009: Watching together the Sunday Children’s Program.»

“2010: They’re together even in the car.”

“2011: They are always together!”

“2012: They are really best friends.”

“2013: They go to school together.”

“2014: The dog already has a beard, but still loves her unconditionally.”