Ethereum bans ASICs

Ethereum’s developer, Piper Merriam, has tabled a new improvement proposal that modifies the ethash algorithm. This will prevent the use of ASIC for ETH mining.

The proposal is a direct response to reports that Bitmain – the largest ASIC maker – has developed a special machine for Ethereum. According to rumors, he even intends to put it on the market in the coming months.

“I believe it is common knowledge that mining with ASIC leads to increased centralization in relation to GPU mining,” Merriam writes.

Copying Monero?

Earlier in March, the Monero team announced it would become a hard fork at XMR in order not to be compatible with BITMAIN’s ASICs. The Monero team in the past has stated many times that it will not allow any ASIC to work with the XMR. Similar statements have been made by the Ethereum team.