Eric Abidal received illegal liver transplant

The police, according to the newspaper “El Confidencial,” revealed the case after lifting the phone secret of Rosell, who has been imprisoned since 2017 for a money laundering case. In 2012, the French, veteran footballer, needed liver transplantation. The information then reported that the donor was his cousin Zerar, but the information indicates that reality is far away.

The transplant, according to the same source, was derived from organ trade. The newspaper reports that on 20 April 2017, Rosell had a phone conversation with a person whose identity remains unknown, where the incident was discussed, and the former president of Barcelona said he had disclosed the case to his replacement, José Bartomeu.

“I asked him if he had a minute, I explained him and he was angry,”

In another conversation, this time with a person named Huang, Rosell is discussing the same subject, while in a second conversation with that person, he reveals that he had already bought the liver. In another conversation, the former mighty man of the “Blaugranna” reportedly discussing a disagreement she had with Abidal after the transplant, during which he had told him that he would not have lived if … someone did not buy him the liver.

Sandro Rosell’s attorney attributes the publication to the attempt to spoil his principal, who is waiting for his case.

“It’s not strange that they want to demonize him,” said Paw Molses.