The most emotional wedding gift ever made

Anyone who has lost a child knows the endless mourning that becomes an integral part of everyday life. And whoever has experienced the crash of losing a child can understand the excitement of Becky Terni with the unexpected gift her husband gave her on their wedding day.

Beki’s son, Triston, left life suddenly in 2015, at the age of 19. And her husband, Kelly, offered her as a gift a meeting with Jacob Killi, the man who is in life thanks to the heart of Triston, which beats on his chest. “We’ve been arranging it with Jacob for four or five months,” Kelly told the BBC. “We encourage everyone to become organ donors. Organ donation saves lives and definitely changed ours forever. ”

40-year-old Beki touched the stethoscope on Jacob’s chest and heard the heart of her son. Love Adventured photographers were there to capture the moving moment and published the couple’s story to social media.

Jacob told the British network that the experience was very emotionally charged and very “warm”. To attend the wedding she traveled 3000 miles from California to Alaska.