Emiliano Sala was found dead over the English Channel

Emiliano Sala was found dead over the English Channel after many hours of investigations by Guernsey police

Together with the 28-year-old Shala’s body, the pilot of the single-engine aircraft missed by the radar screens, about 20 kilometers north of Guernsey, on the Channel, was also found .

Emiliano Shala flew from France on Monday to Cardiff where he would continue his career in his new team.

“Unfortunately, what we were afraid became true,” said Jon Fitzgerald, General Manager of the Channel Islands Airsearch Marine Rescue Service.

His father, Emiliano Sala, speaking at a radio station in Rosario, Argentina, said he was crushed and “can not believe it.” “I have no words, it is my son, it’s all about me (…) We hope everything is over,” said Orasa Shala.

“He had great hopes, you know what it means to play in the Premier League. He did not think he would reach that level, he was crazy, “he continued. Osama Shala, who is a truck driver and has two other children, said he has no information about the plane’s disappearance. “I learned it from the media. I had spoken to him on Sunday, “he said.

His mother, Merseys, spoke to him just before the plane took off. “He was happy at the best moment of his career. The airplane that carried him belonged to Cardiff’s president, “he told C5N.

Emiliano Sala was born in Kouloulos, a village of 300 inhabitants. He began playing football at the age of four. His family then moved to Progreso, a community about 600 kilometers from Buenos Aires.