Elizabeth Hurley dressed up as a Ninja, and shocked with her really sexy appearance

She is 53-year-old and has undoubtedly a body shape, which knows how to show off. That’s why in this year’s Halloween she decided to disguise herself in the sexiest version of the female … Ninja! The reason for Elizabeth Harley, which shocked with her disguise.

In fact, she  really shocked with her sexy full-length swimsuit. Elizabeth Harley is in Maldives, and has taken care of honoring Halloween’s customs, choosing to dress Ninja wearing a full-length swimsuit (from her own series) and a mask in her eyes.

And she was the sexiest version of Ninja, while she enthralled her online friends with her video uploaded to her personal account at Instagram. Although in the end he had an unfortunate moment, where he ate a somersault which he enjoyed.