Elite threatens mankind through genetics

His own answers to the great questions about the universe, the future of mankind and life afterwards die by Steven Hawking with the book that has been released since Tuesday October 16 at the same time in the United States, Britain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

“People have long been looking for answers to big questions. Where do we come from? Is there another intelligent life in the universe? What is inside a black hole? How do we survive on Earth?
How can we colonize Space? What is the design, the deep meaning behind every thing? Is there anyone up there? “Summarizes the British astrophysicist in his book” Brief Answers to Big Questions “.

So what are the answers to these questions? The astrophysicist, who left his last breath in March, also responds with a personal account:

“I had an amazing life on this planet, while at the same time I was walking through my mind the whole universe and the laws of physics. I got to the end of the galaxy, I traveled in a black hole and turned back to the beginning of time. On Earth I saw turbulence and tranquility, success and pain. I was rich and poor, physically capable and incapable. I was congratulated and criticized, but I was never ignored. Thanks to my work, I had the privilege of contributing to the understanding of the universe. ”

“I hope one day to find answers to all of our questions. How will we be able to feed a growing world population? To provide him with drinking water, to produce renewable energy, to prevent and cure diseases, to slow down climate change? I hope that science and technology will give us the answers. We are all travelers of the year, we are moving towards the future, “he writes.

“Science is often more bizarre than scientific imagination. And it offers greater satisfaction, “he explains, in order to proceed to a personal confession:

“I am a scientist with great interest in the physics, cosmology, the universe and the future of humanity. Thanks to my parents, I cultivated an insatiable curiosity, and I never ceased to try, like my father, to answer the many questions posed by science. ”

Where did this insatiable curiosity lead him?

“I spent my whole life traveling to the universe without ever leaving my mind. At some point I believed that I would live the end of Physics as we know it. Today, on the contrary, I believe that after my biological end, people will continue to enjoy the miracle of scientific discoveries. We are close to some of these answers. But we have not yet reached. ”

Certainly one of the brightest minds of natural sciences is that over the last 50 years our view of the universe has changed a lot. “I will be happy if I have contributed to this change,” says Hawking, and continues with a warmth of philosophical contemplation: “One of the great revelations of the space age is the new perspective under which mankind learned to look at itself of: when we observe Earth from Space, we see a single set. We understand unity, not divisions. It is an image that in its vast simplicity transmits a very strong message: a unique planet, a single human race “.

One is the conclusion for Steven Hawking: “The future of humanity is in the universe,” he notes, recalling that he was born exactly three centuries after Galileo died. “I like to think that this coincidence played a role in the direction I took in the field of science. Although, of course, according to my calculations, that day there should be born about two hundred thousand children. And who knows how many of them have shown interest in astronomy. ”

Hawking would, however, have lived for much less years than most of these children because of the disease caused by Louis Gringen’s disease at an early age. Eventually, he managed to live for many decades still in a wheelchair. “I was never among the best students – it was a class of very smart kids and I was down on average. My classmates, however, chanted Einstein. That means they were watching something for me. My two classmates, however, had wagged a bag of candies that I would not make anyone, “he says of his school years, and he also looks at the huge success his book” Greek by Katotopros): “I did not expect such success. Undoubtedly, the world’s interest in my story contributed to the fact that I was able to become a theoretical physicist and bestseller despite my disability. ”

Hawking gives other examples of humility and self-censorship: “For many of my colleagues I am a physicist among the many. But for the big audience I was the most famous physicist in the world. This is partly due to the fact that, with the exception of Einstein, scientists are not as popular as rock stars, and partly because it reflected the stereotype of disability genius: I can not be disguised with a wig and a pair of dark glasses. The wheelchair betrays me. ”

“Superhumanists of the rich elite will wipe out mankind”

A few days before the publication of his latest book, the world-renowned physicist is once again at the forefront for another reason: a strong and controversial future forecast that preaches the end of the human race as we know it. In his last message to mankind, as reflected in his last book, Hawking points out that the science of genetics will create superhuman men and will inevitably change the path of human evolution. He mentions a bleak future for unmodified genetic humanity, as the rich elite will use the genetics science to correct and up-grade its children’s DNA.

“We are now entering a new phase of what could be called an impromptu development, in which we will be able to change and improve our DNA,” writes the leading scientist.

“We have mapped the DNA, which means we’ve read the book of life, so we can start making corrections to it,” says the book.

“I’m sure that during our century people will find ways to modify not only intelligence but also human instincts such as aggression,” he said.

Astrophysicist provides that probably voted laws against genetic modification of human beings but some people will not be able to resist the temptation to improve human characteristics, such as memory, resistance to disease and longevity. According to the scientist, the breakthroughs that will soon occur in genetics will tempt particularly powerful and wealthy people, as they can ensure their children that will predominate in mental and gene level, which in turn will impact to normal people who will not be able to compete with them. So, according to the late scientist, superhuman men will prevail and replace the man we know today.