Electronic tattoo converts freckles to mobile keyboard

German and American researchers are developing very fine electronic tattoo that fit on the imperfections of the skin of a person, but also function as sensitive buttons to the touch, which allows control of the mobile phone. Researchers at the University of Saarland in Saarbruecken led by Martin Vaigkel and Google, they are going to officially present his achievement at an international conference on the interaction human-computer in the US Denver in May, according to the «New Scientist».

The scientists used conductive ink to print tiny wires and electrodes on a tattoo paper. thus created electronic tattoo, called SkinMarks, which are thinner than a human hair. Adhere to the skin with the aid of water and kept for a few days before peeled off. Tattoos allow a variety of commands. For example, if you bend the finger on which there is such a tattoo, this can work as an instruction to start the device or counterclockwise to stop (pause). If the tattoo covers the upper side of the hand and the user makes punch, then each articulation is a separate control button.

The tattoo can take various shapes (eg separate icons for each application mobile) and still exhibit electroluminescence, ie when penetrated by electricity, light up (eg to warn the user that has text message). When your beloved calls, then a tattoo heart shape onto the user’s hand will be flashing. By touching the tattoo,  you could answer the phone.

The next step will be the practical implementation of electronic tattoos, with their connection to Android devices. More generally, the flexible electronics on the skin will be the next wave of fashion or wearable technology, which is expected to occur in about a decade.