Eagle-eyed Viewers Spot Modern Gadgets in Game Of Thrones Finale

Eagle-eyed viewers have been asking more than just plot questions after Game of Thrones season finale. Cables and an electronic charger were briefly seen near the bleeding leg of King Stannis in the season finale of Game Of Thrones.

Fans speculated what the cables and the charger were for. There were those who opined they must have been a kind of prosthetic pump for Stannis’ wounded leg.

But still those tech things should not have been there considering the ancient era Game of Thrones is set. However, it was the tragic death of Jon Snow that stirred up the fans’ deepest emotion.

Just as Kit Harington has revealed in an interview, his character, one of the most-loved in the Thrones series, would be killed and that Harrington would not be coming back in the nest season.

The Game of Thrones season 5 concluded with the saddest moment in Jon Snow’s existence, as he was stabbed mercilessly and repeatedly and his heart was savagely pierced with a knife.

“He is a consummate professional,” Director David Nutter said about Harington. “It wasn’t unlike the Red Wedding where everyone gets attached to people when you work with them for such a long time. You really grow quite fond of each other. You’re family. It was a lot of sadness on set… I took all of the extras aside prior to shooting the sequence and we read the Night’s Watch creed together, because I wanted them to feel like they are part of it. Without them being involved, it wouldn’t have worked as well. I wanted the scene to happen rather quickly, where it didn’t hang at all. That it would happen before you know it.”

But there are still those who believe that it was not the end of Jon Snow. The Game of Thrones plot always takes an unexpected twist.