Caitlyn Jenner, “I AM CAIT”: Did E! Pay $5M?

Rumor has it that E! Entertainment Television has paid Caitlyn Jenner $5 million for her TV documentary series, “I Am Cait”.

The documentary series will be about the controversial transformation of Jenner from being an American athletic hero and Olympian champion in the character of Bruce, to a transgendered woman, now called Caitlyn.

Bruce had decided to undergo gender change, after his divorce from wife, Kris Kardashian, just this year. In 2007, the couple with their children were even part of the reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

But, Bruce had later confessed to his kids that he would like to become a female through sex reassignment surgery.

His kids chose to support his decision.

But, Jenner’s family are taking time to get adjusted to the new situation. The kids still call Jenner, “Dad,” which Jenner is allowing for the time being.

Jenner’s eldest daughter, Cassandra, in an interview, referred to Jenner as, “Dad,” but had also said, “There’s so much more to being a woman than our external appearance. I am really looking forward to exploring that more with her.”

With the upcoming documentary series, I Am Cait, Jenner is now rumored to have gained $ five million from E!, which the company does not also confirm or deny.

But, Jenner remains the subject of varying opinions, even from personalities like Clint Eastwood, and Drake Bell, who had apologized for his tweets.

Another dilemma Jenner had to face was her involvement in a fatal car accident in February. The aggrieved party is suing her for damages and loss of loved ones.

Transgender surgery has become popular these past few years with the members of the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) community intensifying their fight for equal rights, which include same-sex marriage.