Health authorities state e-cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes

The use of e-cigarettes have been highly popularized over the past few years and Health Authorities are worried about its misconception. The Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) reported that about 2.1 million people have started using e-cigarettes in 2014.  This study also supports the statement where the reason people were using e-cigarettes were to quit harmful tar cigarettes.

Important data in the study show that using e-cigarettes among ex-smokers have risen, from 4.5% to 6.7%.  In only Britain, the number of e-cigarettes have reached a whopping 2.6 million.

The report states that people are more aware of the harms of tobacco and are spreading the awareness through the use of e-cigarettes. While awareness may rise, a large portion of people believe that e-cigarettes are just as harmful as regular tar cigarettes.

The study also shows that 22% believe that e-cigarettes are harmful, a percentage that used to be 15% but  has increased due to false studies and information. This perception opposes the health of passionate smokers, as many of them easily accept these misconceptions.

E-cigarettes contain vapor rather than cigarette smoke, that gives smokers a feeling similar to tobacco smoking. They are also environmentally friendly. By understanding their benefits, smokers can shift to e-cigarettes and quit the use of hazardous regular cigarettes.

North-East tobacco control office spokesman Mr. Martyn Willmore said that 95% of e-cigarettes are less hazardous than regular cigarettes.

Willmore also added that even though e-cigarettes aren’t 100% harmless than traditional cigarettes, the vast majority of deaths and diseases among smokers originate from the tar and other poisons that are found in the cigarettes,  but not the nicotine.

Pursuing to smoke conventional cigarettes increases the risk of cancer or death among smokers. Switching to e-cigarettes are a useful practice for people who have struggled to quit smoking and accept its health benefits.

Such misconceptions originated from incorrect and false research should not be spread in order for people to help overcome their fight with smoking addiction.