He was driving with his feet while playing with his cell phone

Driving with his feet on the wheel and hands at his cell phone in order to be able to play is depicted by a young man on a video posted on the Internet and triggered the mobilization of the Authorities in China to locate him. The video was taken by a friend who uploaded it on the internet last week. The risky driver himself said that he was on an abandoned road.

In the video, the driver seems to have his feet on the steering wheel and at the same time playing with his mobile he has in his hand. In fact, he talks at the same time with his friend recording the incident. Posting the video online led to a police investigation, with police officers watching for hours security camera images in order to locate the irresponsible driver.

The investigation gave results and the vehicle was spotted while the young driver was taken to the police station. There he claimed he did not know that his action was illegal. Police have warned him, and might get charged and prosecuted, according to the British Daily Mail.