Dolphins talk to each other like human

Dolphins talk to each other as two people, according to scientists, who for the first time believe that they recorded and analyzed such a quad-a-th conversation. It may not be possible – at least – to understand the delphinian language, but it seems that it exists and is used as a means of communication between the brilliant and social dolphins.

The researchers, led by Dr Viatcheslav Riampof Russian, who made the relevant publication in Physics and “Physics and Mathematics” magazine, recorded with an underwater microphone in two Black Sea bottlenose dolphins (very common in Greece), which seemed to converse.

The analysis of sounds distinguish sounds ( “voices”) one dolphin from another and revealed a structure in conversation, as each dolphin heard a ‘proposal’ by ‘clicking’ the other without interrupting and then the answer accordingly.

“Essentially, this exchange looks like a conversation between two people,” Riabov said, according to British Telegraph. “The analysis of the sounds shows that they do not interrupt each other, which makes us believe they listen before they answer,” he added.

For years, scientists know that dolphins are marine mammals use distinct tones -over 1.000- to show joy or stress, finding food, separation from their group, etc. However, it was unclear whether this communication is also on an “interpersonal” basis.

Now, following the new study, it is probable that the dolphins purposely changing the intensity and frequency of the “click” them in order to create a kind of dolphin-words, which put the number (up to five “words”) to form “Proposals” and to “tell” each other.

According to Riabov, “their (hypothetical) language has all the basic characteristics of the human spoken language, which shows a high level of intelligence and consciousness. The dolphin language, apparently, could be considered a highly developed spoken language, similar to human. ”

For 25 million years, dolphins have somewhat larger and more complex brains than humans. As Riampof said, “people have to take the first step to engage with the first intelligent inhabitants of planet Earth, creating devices able to overcome the barriers that stand between the two languages ​​and the dolphins and human communication.”