Dog grabbed a newborn baby to feed its puppies

A horrifying video showing a stray dog ​​carrying the body of a newborn baby out of a hospital in India was the reason for launching police investigations in the area. The shocked passers-by recorded the stray dog ​​carrying the baby on the road near a hospital in the village of Gopalganj in Madhya Pradesh.

The video shows the dog giving the lifeless baby body to his puppies before the police arrive and gets the body. Sanjay Soni, a city police officer, said policemen are looking for the baby’s identity and trying to find out how the dog got it.

“As soon as we received the information, we reached the point and we found the body of a newborn in a tragic situation,” Soni told Asian News International

“The body has been sent for autopsy and has begun a search to find the child’s parents,” he added.

Doctor Arun Saraf, who works at the regional hospital near where the dog was found, said: “After the incident, we started a survey.” But this incident is not unique. In neighboring Uttar Pradesh, a dog grabbed the body of a   baby girl who died  after was born and they had left her wrapped in a carpet on the floor of a hospital.