This dog costed $11.000 to his owner

Pets are certainly not a simple matter for anyone who chooses to have them for companionship and definitely can not stay alone for long. On the one hand, because some animals are more naughty than others, and on the other, they somehow want to say that they feel alone.

This particular Beagle breed dog however surpassed itself. The 26-year-old Sally can not describe her cohabitation with her dog better than the word chaos.

The young woman had saved the naughty Beagle when he was 8 months old from an animal shelter and four years after she can not control him at all. Every minute it costs a lot of dollars.

As reported Daily Mail has it has eaten things that cost at least 200 dollars in cash, has spoiled a couch costing more than 1,500 dollars while not only in the house. It has caused damage to the garden, estimated at around 2,000 dollars.

The little Beagle can be handsome but the total amount of damage it has made is somewhere at 11,000 dollars.