Doctors beheaded baby during birth






A shocking incident that shocked the world happened in a hospital in the city of Tartalg, Argentina. The doctors of the hospital received a woman with preterm labor pains as her waters had broken long before the prescribed period and the baby had to be born.

Natalia Velasquez, 30-year-old, was transfered with an ambulance to the hospital with horrific pains. She went hurrying to the surgery and because the infant was only 22 weeks, the doctors replied that it could be born with a normal childbirth.

The delivery was normal, the baby’s body had come out but not his head. The doctors, according to the parents’ complaint, grumpily pulled the body and head … stayed in the v****a.

The horror of the father was unbelievable as he was not in the labor room and just returned to see a nurse holding his child’s headless body. Even more tragic is that the head and the placenta came out a few moments after the body of the shocked woman in a natural way.

The formal position of the hospital in which the parents have been treated was that just before the head came out, the cervix made a spasm, locking in the head and removing it from the rest of the body.