Doctor called him to see what was going on with his baby. What he saw will never forget it

A Reddit user uploaded a photo of something impressive – his child’s umbilical cord that was tightly knotted. Azathothfrog wrote that his doctor told him to hurry and take a picture because a miracle had happened.

The umbilical cord is the connecting line between the mother and the child. According to Parents, it contains arteries and a vein to transfer nutrients and oxygen from mother to baby. If it becomes a knot, it can stop a baby’s growth or even lead to its death.

Experts say that when babies are in the uterus, they are moving quite a lot. Sometimes, these movements create knots. Usually these knots are loose and so nothing happens to the baby. Sometimes, however, they become very tight and then things are a little bit confusing.

It seems that babies larger than normal for their age are more likely to create tight knots. Doctors recommend parents to observe how active their child is. If they notice less than 8 movements per hour for many hours or if your baby’s movements suddenly drop dramatically, call a doctor. With an ultrasound you will easily see if it is something that you should be worried.