He discovered through facebook his father’s love letters from the World War II

A Dutchman who had lost a suitcase full of letters written by his father, who probably served in the German army during the Second World War, found it on Tuesday thanks to a Facebook publication. A couple found their suitcase on Sunday at Utrecht train station in the central Netherlands, handing to Adrienne Miller the letters his father had written during the war, according to the Dutch memoirs.

Miller waited for the train to return to his home, in the southern city of Brunsum, near Maastricht, after taking the letters from his sister’s hands. But when he reached the train, he in his rush forgot the suitcase, local radio station 1Limburg reported.

The pair who found it posted a message on Facebook, and after more than 27,700 notifications and subscription to the radio station, Miller was found. The very tender letters give a small idea of ​​what Miller might have lived on the Eastern Front.

“My love, I am writing to you to know that everything is going well”: these words begin with most letters, continue with details of the soldiers’ nutrition and reports of their safety at that time, and were often signed with the phrase “the husband who loves you “.

Miller told the radio station that he was happy to find the letters and that he wanted to read them to his daughter. He does not know what happened to his father who was lost in 1944 in the chaos of war. “Was he buried  or died as a prisoner of war for the Russian army? We will never know it, “he said.

Almost four million German soldiers died on the Eastern Front where Nazi Germany was fighting Soviet troops.