Digital printing of electronic products on the skin

A low cost 3D printer printed electronic circuits directly on the hand for a maiden time, introducing us directly to the next generation of gadgets.

This small portable printer evokes the future as its operation is personalized at a time and can allow soldiers, for example, to print on-the-spot what they need in battle at the level of electronic aids such as chemical sensors on their skin.

“We are excited about the potential of this new 3D printing technology, using a portable and lightweight printer under $ 400,” said Michael McAlpine, head of the research team.

The new 3D printer does not need calibration before printing, as it uses tiny cameras to detect and predict in real-time the subtle movements of the body and skin by placing temporary markers on the epidermis.

It also needed a new type of ink, water-soluble here, applied at room temperatures so as not to burn the skin. At the same time, small inductive coils are used to charge electronic circuits. The small appliance, whatever its use, stays in hand for more than two hours, and after it is easy to remove or remove it with the help of water!

The study, which was published in the “Advanced Materials” review, also tells us that the researchers also printed “biolumen”, a mixture of biological agents, on mouse trauma and resulted in a new method of treating open wounds on the spot.

“I am impressed by the idea of ​​printing electrons or cells directly onto the skin,” concludes McAlpine, “it’s such a simple idea that it has unlimited applications for major future developments” …