Diet of “Sleeping Beauty” – An extremely dangerous practice

They say that many women will do everything to lose the weight that bother them. Extreme diets with minimal food, unstoppable exercise, taking pills and all this to have the body they want. The last dangerous “trend” that has emerged is the “Sleeping Beauty Diet”, as it is called.

What this diet wants is long hours of sleep to prevent eating. Sleep can do good, however, this diet encourages followers to sleep for 20 hours taking sleeping pills.

“I get some very strong painkillers, which usually dump me and sleep for hours. They hurt the stomach and limit your hunger somewhat, so I do it all the time “writes a woman in a forum that promotes anorexia and shares dangerous practices.

“I love sleeping to avoid eating. It’s very easy for me because I’m tired 99 times every 100, “says another.

Experts, however, are talking about an extreme practice and are warning of the risk of taking tranquilizers, which may be addictive. “If people have to rely on drugs to sleep – especially drugs like benzodiazepines, which are very addictive – the person is facing the risk of addiction,” says Dr. Treywy Wade, professor of psychology at the University of Flinders.

“It’s not just that they” force “their body to sleep more than they need, but also that they need more and more doses of medicine to achieve the desired effect,” he adds. As he points out, people who sleep for 20 hours do not live their lives, leading to depression.

“The idea of ​​abstaining from living and bedtime can be appealing,” he says, “but nobody talks about how you can handle the hours you will be awake, and you will be very hungry and disoriented, with increased levels of depression and nutritional deprivation “.