Which diesel vehicles are banned from today in Hamburg?

In Germany, the first ban on the sale of diesel vehicles is in force, and the beginning is from Hamburg. It mainly concerns trucks of over 7.5 tons and vehicles in the Euro 6 category. The measure attracts the interest of the international press, but it has caused serious reactions from actors questioning its effectiveness.

The decision was taken by the authorities to limit air pollution in the city, which has exceeded the limits set by the European Union in several regions, and will be targeted, where the greatest burden is found.

Greenpeace criticized the measure, calling it “purely symbolic”. Niklas Schierler’s spokeswoman praised the decision, addressing the first attempt by a local government to protect its citizens from its “poisonous emissions”, but at the same time protested about “purely symbolic politics” which is inadequate in addressing urban air pollution. “Making a few hundred meters of roads more clearly does not solve the problem,” he explained and asked for a policy to promote the use of public transport and bicycle.

A few days ago, the Supreme Administrative Administrative Court ruled that the prohibition of circulation falls under the jurisdiction of each municipality, leaving it to local authorities to take such decisions. On behalf of the government, Transport Minister Andreas Soire is committed to take immediate action to reduce exhaust emissions in order to comply with European directives.

The European Commission has already sued Berlin, which, if found guilty, faces the possibility of imposing fines of many millions of euros.