Died at the age of 146 the oldest man in the world


The oldest man in the world, Sodimedjo from Indonesia, who claimed to be 146, left the village life in central Java. According to official documents, Sodimedjo, also known as Mbah Ghoto – grandfather Ghoto – was born in December 1870.

However, as the BBC notes, Indonesia has started to record births since 1900, and mistakes have been recorded. However, according to 146-year identity data (!), His papers are authentic and accurate, as officials said to the British network.

His state of health began to deteriorate in April, and on the 12th of the month, Sodimedjo was taken to the hospital. But six days later he insisted on leaving the hospital and returning home. “When he returned from the hospital, he ate only a few tablespoons of porridge and drank very little,” said Suyanto’s grandson. “He stayed alive only a few days. From that moment until his death he refused to eat and drink. ”

When asked about the secret of his longevity, Mbah Ghoto said the “key” was patience and the fact that he had people who loved him to take care of him. A fanciful smoker until the last hour, had lived the losses of four spouses, ten siblings and all of his children.

In his village he was a local hero, famous for his stories about the wars against Japan and the Dutch colonists. Suryanto said his grandfather’s burial took place on Monday morning at the grave he had bought many years before. The tombstone was also ready for years.

“He did not ask for much. At that time he only wanted us, his family, to say goodbye to him, “he added. If his age is confirmed, Mbah Ghoto will get the title by Frenchman Jeanne Calment who died at the age of 122 and is considered the oldest man in the world.