Device in China records nighttime sleep

The Lifetide Biofeedback device, an artificial intelligence recording device operating during nighttime sleep, entered the China market.

The device was presented internationally at the Technology Expo (2018 China International Sleeping Technology Expo) in Beijing in Beijing, said Siao Gang, president of Lifetide Heath System LLC, based in the reported state.

The company that set up the device, based in Louisiana, entered the Chinese market in an effort to gain a share of the $ 200 billion dollar sleep-related market in the country.

Lifetide Biofeedback has received very positive feedback from both business associations and industry in the sleep industry, both inside and outside the Chinese market, according to the Athenian News Agency, quoted by Xinhua.

“With this device, you do not have to sleep for one night in a special sleeping lab and be connected to a range of devices, such as electroencephalographs. You can easily and conveniently record the night’s sleep in your house. This device will help millions of Chinese people who have sleep problems. Watching sleep can reveal a lot of information about several health problems, “said Siao Gang.