Desperate father prepares his sick daughter for death by putting her in the grave

A shocked father who can no longer pay for the treatments of his sick daughter and has to wait for her death has decided to prepare her by taking her to play in her future grave. The two-year-old Zhang Xin Lei from China was diagnosed with a blood disorder when it was just two months old.

The family living in China has spent over 11,000 euros in medical care but they do not have any more money. After realizing he can not do anything, the girl’s father, Zhang Liyong, decided to prepare her for her death. He said, according to Mirror: “I could only reconcile with the idea by bringing her to this place. In this place she will calm down in peace. All I can do is to accompany her every day. ”

Liyong is in the grave hugged with his daughter, while her mother, who is pregnant, sits near them. The family has borrowed enough money from friends but financial help is now running out.
Her disease that affects oxygen in the blood requires lifelong treatment, including medication and blood transfusion.

If there is no close monitoring and regular treatment can cause serious harm to the organs and threaten the life of the person suffering from it. The tragic father states in an interview that the situation is now one-way and there is no other choice.