The death of an unarmed woman brought the resignation of the police chief

The head of the Minneapolis police Tzane Charto submitted her resignation at the request of the mayor of the city, who claims that the local community no longer trusts her after the murder of an unarmed Australian by police officers.

The death of 40-year-old Jasmin Demand, who was shot in the abdomen through the open window of a police car, shocked her family and the Australian government. The Australian Prime Minister even described it as “an outrageous” and “unexplained” fact.

Mayor Betsi Hoji, in a written statement, said that Maputo agreed on Friday to resign.

“I lost my confidence in the Captain’s ability to guide us, and out of the many discussions I have had with people across the city, especially this week, it is clear that he has also lost the confidence of the Minneapolis residents as well,” he said in a statement.

A press conference where Hawzis would explain the change in police leadership was interrupted by a group of demonstrators calling for the resignation of the mayor, as shown by a video posted on YouTube. “We do not want you for a mayor anymore,” it sounds like a man yells while Hozzy bends her head and tries to continue her speech but her voice is not heard. “Your leadership was ineffective. Our police have quite terrified us, “continues this man.

Daymond, who had settled in Minneapolis with her fiance, called on the police to report a possible rape in her neighborhood around midnight last Saturday. She was shot by the police officers, Mohammed Nur and Matthew Harriet, who arrived at the point while approaching their patrol.

Harithie reportedly told the investigators that as soon as Daymond approached the patrol, there was a loud noise that surprised him, and then Nur, sitting in the co-driver’s seat, shot through the open window and killed the woman.

Police reported on Friday that they had been filed by a bicyclist in the area who saw police officers giving first aid to a 40-year-old woman.

Charta’s duties will be taken over by lieutenant, Mentarias Arantonto.