De Niro: There’s something stronger than the bombs: it’s your vote

Robert de Niro, who was targeted by a suspicious package as well as other critics of Donald Trump, today called on the Americans to respond to this wave of intimidation with their massive participation in the 6 November parliamentary elections.

“I thank God for not hurting anyone and the courageous and effective law enforcement forces that protect us,” said the famous protagonist of 75 years in a press release sent to the French Agency.

“There’s something stronger than the bombs: it’s your vote. Citizens MUST vote, “de Niro said.

A suspect parcel was spotted and neutralized Thursday morning at the Manhattan actor’s production office. The package was similar to those sent to former US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which contained a self-made explosive mechanism.

Other personalities who have been publicly accused against President Trab, among them Democratic Party executives, have received similar parcels without being victimized.

Robert de Niro has participated in many protests against the US president. He did not hesitate to voice his opposition to the tycoon’s face by using publicly offensive ratings against him in February at the Tony Award ceremony.