David’s Beckham shocking Instagram photo

Nobody believed that David Beckham could become so much ugly.But the former professional football player  had to deform his beautiful face and the hot look for the sake of the director’s ‘requirements of Guy Ritchie and his participation in the film “King Arthur: The legend of the sword.”

Beckham shared a picture for thousands of his followers on Instagram of giving them a taste of the change made in his face and teeth with deep scars and bad teeth, writing under it “a violent day in the office.” Charlie Hunnam  said that he was responsible for this amazing change on his face.

“It’s in my contract,that only me will be the most beautiful in the movie:” So I said: can not play here with David Beckham with these childish blue eyes and chiseled cheekbones unique beautiful face on the screen, “So I said you better  mark him, otherwise he is not playing in my trailer. ” However Hunnam confessed that Ritchie thought to keep secret the appearance of Beckham in the film saying that “we had an intense optimism that we can keep secret the participation of Beckham in the film.”

As explained Hunnam was “to play half scene with Beckham marked and no one would understand that it was him  and when he would turn the other side he would reveal his face”. The film will be released in cinemas on 12 May.