David Cassidy lost battle with kidney failure!






The famous actor and singer David Cassidy, who is hospitalized in a very critical situation, is experiencing difficult hours. The 67-year-old American suffering from kidney failure needs a direct liver transplant while a source from David Cassidy’s environment told TMZ that his health does not look good.

Earlier this year, David Cassidy publicly revealed that he was suffering from dementia and for this reason he canceled his tour.

After a long career, especially in America and Europe, in the early 1970s, David Cassidy said he was retiring because of health problems (he suffered from dementia). From the early young idols (composer, singer and actor), David Cassidy became known for his participation in the highly popular “The Partridge Family“, featuring Keith Partridge. Partridge Family was a family of musicians with a mother impersonating Shirley Jones (Cassidy’s mother in life) and three children. David Cassidy was the biggest player, making all the episodes on him.

His great career began in 1969, playing on television in the serials “Ironside”, “Marcus Welby”, “MD Adam 12” and “Bonanza”. His participation in The Partridge Family combined act with music. The song “I Think I Love You,” which was heard in the series, went to No. 1 while it was released as Partridge Family and not as David Cassidy, but although on the cover of the single is the whole actress family, only Cassidy and Jones they sing, accompanied by session musicians.