David Bowie’s first recording was found in a very strange place

David Bowie’s first well-known record comes out on an auction after it was found in an old breadmaker. The 1963 demo tape contains the song “I Never Dreamed” by 16-year-old then Bowie – also called David Jones – with his first band The Konrads.

According to the BBC, the tape, which its price is expected to reach £ 10,000, will be sold by drummer David Hadfield, who discovered it in his attic. The person who auctioned it described it as “an important record, absolutely unique”. In fact, he stressed that it gave the idea that Bowie was “a teenager who would reach the glory easily.”

The recording finds Bowie, who later became known as one of the greatest music experimenters, at a time when he was still unsure about the artistic direction that would follow.

He was originally the band’s saxophonist, but then the decision was made to become the main singer. Typically the Konrads drummer said: “David had no tendency to become a singer at the time, his thought was to become a world famous saxophone player.”